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Home Massage Tips: Maintaining The Spa Benefits Posted by Team Bella in

After a massage, our therapists often hear from clients that they want to extend their feeling of well-being and maintain the benefits of their treatment. If you are wondering how to care for your newly massaged muscles, here are our best tips and techniques for at home self-care.

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Introducing the Cupping Massage Treatment Posted by Team Bella in

Cupping Massage Therapy benefits are brought to our guests with a modern approach to an ancient healing treatment. This introduction will explain how cupping offers all the restoration of a deep tissue massage, plus a whole lot more.
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Different Styles of Massage: Techniques and Benefits Posted by Team Bella in

Whether you're a massage novice or enjoy weekly sessions, knowing more about massage styles and what they can do for you will increase the benefits you get from your next treatment. Learn about some of the most popular massage types to find the one that leaves you feeling renewed.
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What Should I Wear During A Massage? Posted by Team Bella in

Massages should be relaxing and therapeutic, but if you go into the spa worrying about what to wear – or not wear – you miss out on a little of that bliss.

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Should I Shower After A Massage? Posted by Team Bella in

There’s confusion out there about whether or not people should shower after a massage, and we hear this question more often than you’d think! Are you wondering whether massage oils and lotions are meant to soak in, or if they are only helpful during your treatment?
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Manscaping: Four Spa Treatments For Men Posted by Team Bella in

From massage to hair removal. Men are headed to the spa because they appreciate results and pampering. These are the top 4 four services guys are booking.

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How Often Should I Get a Massage? Posted by Team Bella in

One question Bella Santé massage therapists frequently hear from their clients is “How often should I get a massage?” As with many health and wellness services, the answer depends on the person asking and the benefits he or she hopes to receive.

Here are the general guidelines our experienced massage therapists recommend:

Schedule Regular Massages For Good Health

For general wellness aim for a frequency of about once or twice a month. This allows people in generally good health to receive all the health benefits, and allows each massage to build upon the last so that you are not essentially starting over from scratch each time.

Massage For Treatment of Chronic Conditions

If you want a massage for the treatment of a chronic condition such as migraines, neck aches and backaches, you'll need to receive one more frequently to see relief. It is recommended to start off with twice weekly massages for the first four to six weeks, and then gradually increase the time between sessions as symptoms improve. While chronic conditions are generally not solved in a single session, most can be well managed by regular, effective massages.

Massage For Enhanced Athletic Performance

Massage is a necessary support mechanism for athletes to maintain muscle health and flexibility. People heavily involved in sports should have a massage as often as two to three times per week during periods of intense training and less often—perhaps once or twice a month—during the off-season. Massages helps athletes reach peak physical fitness while giving some protection from injury.

Massage For Stress Relief

Studies conducted on the benefits of massage have demonstrated that massage helps combat stress, anxiety and insomnia related to stress. People going through a particularly stressful situation or those leading high stress lives should aim to get a massage every one to two weeks.

The bottom line is that people who wish to treat specific medical conditions will need to have massages more frequently than people who want massages strictly for enjoyment and relaxation. If you want to know which category you fit into best, it's always a good policy to speak with an experienced massage therapist to create a schedule that's customized for you.

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The Full Service Bella Santé Experience Posted by Team Bella in

Bella Santé specializes in giving a full service luxury experience while delivering results. Whether you are coming in for a brow wax or a day of beauty, our staff, our facilities, and our products are all focused on the highest level of quality.
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SPA-Tacular Gifts For Your Valentine (or for yourself!) Posted by Team Bella in

The gift of spa is one that you can be sure will never be returned. With Valentine’s Day coming up quickly, Bella Santé has a number of ways for you to treat your Valentine with the gift of relaxation and wellness. Whether you are looking for a treatment for two or a custom gift for that special person, Bella Santé Day Spa has something for everyone!
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What should I do for my skin in the new year? Posted by Team Bella in

The 2014 Look is all about effortlessly chic, effervescent beauty. To achieve the best barely-there bombshell look, the key is naturally great skin. 
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