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Spa Guarantee

Our Promise

Our team at Bella Santé is dedicated to providing you with the best “me time” imaginable, so if we ever fall short of our own high standards or yours, please let us know and we will make it right. You can reach out to us at the front desk, talk to the professional serving you, or provide detailed feedback in the survey you’ll receive after your appointment.  Additionally, if you purchase one of our products and you’re unhappy with it, you may return it for a full refund at any of our locations. Because we want every guest to walk out our doors feeling happier, healthier, and all around better than when they walked in.

Core Behaviors

What separates a visit to Bella Santé from any other Day Spa? Certainly our unique services, our luxurious and results oriented products, and the restful environment make us stand out. But that’s only part of it. We think it’s the people who truly distinguish our full-service spa. Our talented team does more than care for you; they CARE.

CARE is our commitment to both our guests and one and other.


Connect  BE RESPONSIVE  Be a fanatic about response time. Follow up and follow though.  HOLD A RELENTLESSLY POSITIVE ATTITUDE  Don’t perpetuate negativity, especially when facing challenges.  NOTICE & RECORD GUEST PREFERENCES  Be a fanatic about response time. Follow up and follow though.  Anticipate  DO THE RIGHT THING THE FIRST TIME  Spend extra time to get it ‘right’ as often as possible.  BE FLEXIBLE  Learn to think from others’ perspective. Win/Win solutions are always longer lasting and more satisfying that Win/Lose solutions.  PRESCRIBE TO INCREASE CLIENT HEALTH  Think about the needs of guests outside of our spas. Make homecare recommendations to enhance their hair, skin, nails, body and overall health/well-being.  Respect  HOLD UNCOMPROMISING LEVELS OF CLEANLINESS  Your personal appearance and the appearance of the entire spa make a strong statement about the pride you ake in your performace and workplace.  BE A PROMISE KEEPER  Do what you are you say you are doing to do wherever possible.  DO MORE WITH LESS  Do not waste money, energy or resources. Reducing waste saves money and shows a commitment to being sustainable.  Engage  OWN COMPLAINTS  Treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Focus on problem solving and doing better next time. Be solution-oriented; resolve issues in an efficient and discreet manner.  COMMUNICATE TO UNDERSTAND & BE UNDERSTOOD  Know your audience. Write and speak in a way they can understand. Use the simplest explanations possible. Listen generously.  CELEBRATE  Seek out opportunities to congratulate, acknowledge or support a special moment in someone’s life.