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Bella Santé Spas offers the perfect way to celebrate your special day in a serene and luxurious environment. We've curated the ultimate spa birthday experience to make birthdays truly unforgettable. As a beacon of tranquility in Boston, Lexington, and Wellesley we're dedicated to ensuring that your birthday becomes a pampering journey, providing rejuvenation, relaxation, and a touch of glamour.

Woman Receiving Facial On Her Birthday Enjoying One Of Our Birthday Spa Packages In Boston At Our Best of Boston Spa - Bella Sante

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From You To You

Indulging in a bundle of curated spa treatments and services at our urban oasis in Boston on Newbury Street is the epitome of a birthday well-spent. Whether you seek solitary serenity, the laughter of friends, or the warmth of loved ones, our sanctuary offers an idyllic setting. Picture a few hours or an entire day enveloped in plush robes, immersed in the soothing ambiance.

Skilled therapists will work their magic, melting away any stress or tension. It's a day to savor, to bask in relaxation, and to make memories. Let your birthday spa day be marked by the luxury of self-care and the company you choose on your special day.

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Three Women In Spa Robes Enjoying One Of Our Birthday Spa Packages In Boston At Our Best of Boston Spa - Bella Sante

Enjoy Your Special Day With A Birthday Spa Party

Savoring your special day at our luxury spa is a celebration made effortless. Whether you choose a few hours or an entire day, alone or in the company of friends and loved ones, it's an experience designed for ease, relaxation and fun. Our extensive range of services and treatments ensures a tailored pampering that suits your preferences. From soothing massages and rejuvenating facials to manicures and pedicures and even a hair salon in our Wellesley location. There are options for everyone.

With our seamless planning and attentive staff, your spa day for birthday celebration promises to be both enjoyable and memorable. Let us curate a day of pure relaxation and indulgence, making your special occasion truly extraordinary.

Self care on your birthday is the ultimate gift to yourself or to someone special. 

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I've scheduled multiple treatments for my birthday spa package in Boston on Newbury Street. Do you have a lounge for me to relax in between appointments?

Yes! Slip on one of our signature plush robes and join us in the private relaxation area where we invite guests to rest in between services and treatments. For your convenience, we also offer lockers where you can stash your things for the day. 

Do you offer any amenities at your day spa?

We offer a steam room (in our Boston and Wellesley locations), showers, plush robes and a private changing area. Whether you're with us for the day, for a few hours, or for one indulgent appointment, Bella Santé is truly a retreat. We want you to feel like you're on a mini holiday when you walk in our doors. Did we mention the healthy snacks in the relaxation area? 

I have a special evening planned after my birthday spa day. Can I get my hair styled before I go?

Along with offering a full range of Day Spa and Med Spa offerings like our Boston on Newbury Street and Lexington location, our Wellesley location also offers a full hair salon. You can browse the menu here.

How can I book appointments? 

We make your spa for birthday plans easy for you to make. Book your appointment any time from anywhere online: BOOK A BIRTHDAY SPA DAY ONLINE. In addition, our Spa Concierge are available by phone at 617-424-9930 during regular business hours.