Should I Shower After A Massage?

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There’s confusion out there about whether or not people should shower after a massage, and we hear this question more often than you’d think. We find that guests are unclear about the short and long term benefits of the oils and lotions that are an integral part of many different types of massage. If you’re wondering whether massage oils and lotions are meant to soak in, or if they are only helpful during your treatment, this post will help you decide what's best for you.

Shower Before Massage

Let’s get one thing out of the way: experienced massage therapists agree that taking a shower before your massage is a always a good idea. You should rinse off chlorine, perspiration or environmental pollutants before your treatment or therapy, because you don’t want all that to be rubbed into your skin. A shower will also help loosen up your muscles to help you receive more benefits from the treatment. Plus, it's easier to feel confident and relaxed about the massage when you know you're squeaky-clean!

Shower After Massage

During the massage, your therapist will probably use a variety of oils or lotions. These provide the right amount of slip and friction for maximum massage benefit. They also condition your skin and aid relaxation with aromatherapy scents. Although some people prefer to keep the lotions on their skin to continue receiving aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits, you might find your skin feels a little slick after the massage and want to take a shower. A warm shower after a massage can be wonderfully soothing. Since massage oils and lotions are meant to do most of their work during the massage, not after it, you don't have to skip the shower for fear of washing away skin-friendly oils.

Showering Post Massage: Water Temperature

If you head to the showers right after your massage, remember to be careful about the water temperature. A hot shower after a massage may be relaxing, but a too-hot shower can leave you feeling dizzy. This is especially true if you have low blood pressure. Experts recommend limiting your exposure to hot showers, so either keep your post-massage shower brief or turn down the heat.

The bottom line is that you can shower after your massage if it’s your preference, but you should shower safely. Take your time getting up from the massage table, listen to your body before stepping into the shower, and monitor the heat of the water to make sure the temp doesn't get too hot.