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*Based on increased demand for massage treatments there will be approximately a 10% peak pricing increase for services offered Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Environ Pro Aging Body Treatment

Starting at - $ 315

This luxurious treatment will begin with full body dry brush, a gentle cleansing...

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Lavender Herbal Body Ritual

Starting at - $ 295

This treatment includes a gentle full body exfoliation using a blend of water-soluble broad-spectrum...

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Himalayan Salt Ritual

80 min - $ 270

for those who: are looking for a deeper sense of relaxation, grounding and balancing using a combination of hands on technique and warm Himalayan salt crystals to melt away...

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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Starting at - $ 230

Himalayan Salt stones are incorporated into this massage for a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Himalayan Salt stones replenish and nourish your skin and body with 84...

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Prenatal Escape

Starting at - $ 220

This deeply restorative treatment is designed for moms-to-be to help improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscle fatigue. 

Beginning with a Swedish massage using Lavender Blossom Body Oil , a...

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TMJ Intra-Oral Massage

50 Min - $ 205 / 80 Min - $ 255

Our TMJ Intra-Oral Massage treatment is a comprehensive therapeutic session designed to alleviate pain and tension in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The treatment begins with a focus on the upper...

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Holiday Massage: Warm Vanilla Bourbon

Relaxation 80 mins - $ 200 / Deep Tissue 80 mins - $ 220

Warm up, wind down, and soothe sore stressed muscles this holiday. Our Warm Vanilla Bourbon massage treatment includes invigorating peppermint aromatherapy, hot stones massage on back and warm...

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Coconut Oil Massage with Dry Brushing

Starting at - $ 195

You get the best of both worlds with this special treatment— a relaxing experience and incredible health benefits. Your treatment begins with the ancient practice of dry...

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Prenatal Massage: Rest and Restore - Boston, Lexington & Wellesley

Starting at - $ 185

Our prenatal massage in Boston, Lexington and Wellesley at Bella Santé was designed specifically for women who are experiencing some of the typical discomforts associated with pregnancy. This treatment uses...

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Cause Medic | Therapeutic Herbal Massage

Starting at - $ 175

Indulge in our signature herbal remedy infused infused therapeutic massage that helps reduce joint and muscle pain and discomfort while promoting profound relaxation. Ideal for those seeking relief from pain...

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Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue Massage

Starting at - $ 165

This massage starts and ends with a deep inhalation of an essential oil invigorating blend of Lemongrass, Peppermint and Holy Basil. Using a warming oil blend for your...

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Rest Herbal Massage

Starting at - $ 155

This deeply relaxing treatment starts and ends with an essential oil blend designed to calm and ease the senses. It features long connective strokes using Lavender Blossom Body...

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