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Blueberry Smoothie Facial

50 min - $ 175

A popular pick among our customers, this signature treatment instantly freshens and revives your skin with a combination of lactic acid, blue corn meal, blueberry, and jojoba beads....

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Antioxidant Facial

50 min - $ 135 / 80 min - $ 185

Wake up tired looking skin with this invigorating facial. It begins with a powerful cranberry and lactic acid exfoliation to polish away impurities and clarify pores. Then, we...

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Carita Ideal Custom Facial

50 min - $ 140 / 80 min - $ 185

From prevention to correction, the Carita facial offers a unique anti-aging experience to combat dryness, dehydration and less-defined skin while restoring a healthy radiant complexion. Carita’s signature Rénovateur...

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Clarifying Teen Facial

40 min - $ 80

Designed specially for teen skin, this treatment is a combination of exfoliation and deep pore cleansing, to clarify and eliminate impurities. Using therapeutic marine-rich serums to help regulate...

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HydraFacial MD®

30 min - $ 175 / 50 min - $ 225

Treat dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin with this “liquid dermabrasion-like” facial. This treatment, that can be used on many areas of the body, uses state-of-the-art vortex fusion...

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Acne Medical Grade Facial

45 min - $ 120

For those who need a little extra help in the fight against severe acne, this clinical-grade facial implements medical grade skincare through a deep foaming cleanse, medical grade...

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SkinCeuticals Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

50 min - $ 155 / 80 min - $ 195

Made for oily or congested skin, this relaxing treatment exfoliates, detoxifies, and clarifies dull, congested skin. After a deep cleansing and double exfoliation, extractions are performed and your...

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Facial Enhancement: Alpha Gel

Add-On Service - $ 25
Glycolic and fruit acids provide a deep exfoliation that instantly produces more radiant skin.

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Facial Enhancement: Biocellulose Mask Enhancement

Add-On Service - $ 35
The Biocellulose Restorative Masque by SkinCeuticals is optimal for sensitive or compromised skin. Biocellulose fibers create an instant protective barrier to continuously cool and soothe your skin while replenishing...

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CityLife Oxygenating Facial

50 min - $ 125 / 80 min - $ 165

Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and an urban lifestyle, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin with Pure Pore Heating Mask. This self-heating mask gently...

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Facial Enhancement: Neocutis Bio-Boost Eye Treatment

Add-On Service - $ 45
Soothe, refresh, and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes, with this luxurious treatment designed specifically to target, lift, and tighten your eye area.

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Bella Santé Signature Facial

50 min - $ 115 / 80 min - $ 155

Detoxify + plump skin with this basic but power packed facial. After a thorough cleansing and exfoliation process smoothes the skin to renewal, a self-heating pure pore mask is massaged...

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