Different Styles of Massage: Techniques and Benefits

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Whether you're a massage novice or enjoy weekly sessions, knowing more about massage styles and what they can do for you will increase the benefits you get from your next treatment. Learn about some of the most popular massage types to find the one that leaves you feeling renewed.

Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage, a Swedish massage involves working all the major muscle groups of the body with kneading or pressing strokes. Traditionally, a Swedish massage also involves massage oil or lotion. The Bella Santé Spa Massage incorporates this technique to relax, ease muscle soreness and promote increased circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Think of a deep tissue massage as a Swedish massage with a greater focus on the deeper layers of muscles. Like its relaxing counterpart, deep tissue massage involves muscle manipulation. However, this type of massage is more intense with an emphasis on breaking down adhesions in the muscle to relieve pain and restore normal movement in the muscle. Slower, more concentrated techniques are used to help realign deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Choose this massage to banish chronic muscle tension and soreness.

Hot Stone Massage

Heat is soothing, and a hot stone massage combines traditional massage techniques with steaming, polished river rocks sending therapeutic warmth into key points along the spine. The weight of the rocks also brings relaxing pressure into the session. If you are looking deep relaxation and rejuvenation, this could be the optimal massage for you.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can be beautiful, but the discomfort that comes with it may not feel that way. A prenatal massage is designed to ease an aching back and sore legs caused by pregnancy. At Bella Santé we use a line of skin care specifically designed for pregnant women: The Basq line is safe, effective, and delivers results.

Couples Massage

For couples who do everything together, a couples massage can be a wonderful bonding experience. Enjoy all the relaxation and pampering of a Swedish or hot rock massage at the same time as your partner. Side-by-side tables make it easy for both of you to share the bliss. Bella Santé offers a couples massage in Wellesley or Lexington. Three in your group? Ask about the triplets room in Wellesley!