Introducing the Cupping Massage Treatment

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Cupping Massage Treatment benefits are brought to our guests with a modern approach to an ancient healing treatment. This introduction will explain how cupping offers all the restoration of a deep tissue massage, and a whole lot more.

Cupping: A Brief Overview

Tracing its origins to ancient Chinese medicine, cupping takes its name from small glass, plastic or ceramic cups that are used during the therapy. When placed on the skin, the cups create negative pressure that draws the tissues into the cup. You may know from experience that during a traditional massage, a therapist directs pressure toward and into skin and muscles to increase circulation and reduce tension. Cupping actually works the opposite way, and it stimulates blood flow using a suction action. When the two therapies are combined, massage becomes even more beneficial and effective.

Traditional Cupping vs. Modern Cupping

Traditional cupping uses a flame to warm the cups before applying them to the skin, but modern practitioners, like those at Bella Santé, will use a specialized set of cups with a vacuum pump to get the same effect from air cupping. Some massage therapists who follow ancient techniques will often place the cups at specific points on the back and shoulders to let qi, thought to be a kind of life force, flow more readily through the body. Other massage therapists use their knowledge of anatomy and palpation skills to use the cups in areas of physical tension and blockages for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Cupping enthusiasts swear by the therapy to ease muscle tension and speed healing after a strenuous workout. As with other types of massage, the cups also undo knots in tense muscles. At the conclusion of your treatment you are left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Cupping: What To Know Before You Go

Guests should be aware of the marks that cupping can leave on your skin. The negative pressure that draws blood flow to the area can also leave skin discolored for a few days after treatment. It’s best to schedule a Bella Santé Cupping Massage Treatment on a day when you aren't planning some beach time. While the gliding technique we use most often reduces the redness that cupping can produce, we may at times require the use of stationary cups placed down for short periods. Techniques applied will depend on the specific needs of the guest. Skip cupping if your skin is undergoing an active breakout or is sunburned; the heat and negative pressure could feel uncomfortable until your skin's ready for deep treatment.

Guests who are interested in trying cupping during a regularly scheduled massage appointment can request the therapy as an enhancement to their treatment.

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