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Summer’s Effect On Premature Aging & Acne Posted by Team Bella in

Guest blogger Lisa Stigliano, Medical Esthetician at Bella Santé, explains the relationship between summer sun and premature aging.
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The Bella Santé Skinceuticals Introduction and Review Posted by Team Bella in

If you have seen the most recent Skinceuticals reviews, you already know that with revolutionary serums like CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF this company is breaking the barrier between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Learn more about one of our medical grade spa product lines.
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Embrace Your Own Beauty Posted by Team Bella in

As a part of Bella Santé's mission to inspire people to embrace and celebrate their beauty and imperfections, we're making a few changes. Click through to learn about how our Embrace Your Own Beauty campaign aims to instill confidence in women and men of all ages.
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A Durable, Healthy, Manicure That Won’t Wreck Nails? YES. Posted by Team Bella in

From juggling a busy calendar to working around the added weekly expense, it can be nearly impossible to get to the salon or spa for a weekly manicure to keep nails presentation ready. Plus, once you get the professional treatment, waiting for your nails to dry can feel like, well, watching paint dry. Until recently, a gel manicure was the solution for long-lasting color that kept your nails in shape, but gel isn't perfect.
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Just In Time For Father’s Day: The Perfect Gift For Dad Posted by Team Bella in

The special men in your life need TLC too, and we can help you give them the Father’s Day that they deserve. Bella Santé has created a Father’s Day package for the guys: The Gentleman's No-Frills Tune-up Package at a savings of over 25% off!
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5 Tips For Beautiful, Glowing Skin From A Bella Santé Aesthetician Posted by Team Bella in

Guest blogger Ashli Carnicelli, a Bella Santé aesthetician, blogs about her skin care philosophy and offers recommendations to keep skin hydrated and glowing while preventing premature signs of aging.
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4 Teen Tips For Natural Beauty: Teen Skin, Acne & Breakouts Posted by Team Bella in

Being a teenager is tough enough without suffering from blotchy breakout ridden skin. My skin and the way it looks is important to me. I want my skin to be healthy, hydrated and clean as often as possible. Healthy skin makes me feel confident and pretty.
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When Should I Throw Out Makeup And Skin Care Products? Posted by Team Bella in

Vintage looks may be hot in fashion, but old cosmetics aren't vintage; they're just stale. It may be tempting to keep that favorite lipstick or store last summer's sunscreen for next year, but you could be risking your skin's health by keeping older products.
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Color Wow: The BEST Root Touch Up Posted by Team Bella in

An easy and inexpensive way hair care experts at Bella Santé recommend keeping your style and color looking divine is award winning Color Wow Root Cover-Up.
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Healthy And Beautiful Skin Starts With These Easy Sunscreen Tips Posted by Team Bella in

There are a number of reasons to wear sunscreen, and skin cancer prevention tops the list. However, protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays with sunscreen is not just vital for your health, but also for your skin's appearance. In fact, researchers estimate that 90 percent of skin aging is actually sun damage.
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