What should I do for my skin in the new year?

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2014 Calls For Naturally Great Skin

The 2014 Look is all about effortlessly chic, effervescent beauty. To achieve the best barely-there bombshell look, the key is naturally great skin.

Skin care is the true focal point for this latest beauty trend and the key to looking your best every day. This winter, a proper skincare regimen should be paramount on your list of resolutions. With the proper consistent skincare routine, a flawless com-plexion can be yours come springtime.

Skincare resolution rules:

1. Get a fancy facial (spa grade or medical grade facial) - resolve to get a few qual-ity facials this next year because there isn’t a better way to get professional deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration. Facials help stimulate your skin and keep it in tip top shape so your skin care products are more effective.

2. Create a skin care routine and stick to it - resolve to create a simple daily skin care routine so you have no choice but to stick with it! Ask your Bella Sante esthetician for product recommendations to best suit your skin.

3. Jump-start results with medical or spa grade treatments - peels clean up both sun-induced and hormonal pigmentation with very little downtime, usually no more than 3 hours of post-procedure redness.

What skin care regimes have you incorporated into your daily routine to plan for 2014? Let us know with a note below.

- Tiffany Amorosino for Bella Sante Spas