Manscaping: Four Spa Treatments For Men

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What Can Men Do At The Spa?

Spa treatments used to be more focused on the needs of women, but there is no denying that more and more men are joining their female counterparts at the day spa. Nowhere is this trend more obvious than on service menus featuring a growing list of options created expressly for male guests. In addition to gender specific treatments, men are discovering that many spa services are equally suited to everyone who wants to take advantage of what a day spa has to offer.

From pampering and relaxing to grooming and styling, here are four spa services guys are booking at the day spa:

Massages For Men

Whether it is an hour of relaxation to help you unwind from a stressful week, or a session that’s devoted to working out painful knots, a massage is equally beneficial for men and women. In fact, deep tissue massage offers strong therapeutic benefits that help heal injured muscles. Between the highly skilled massage therapists and the calming environment, it’s no surprise that massage is the most frequent service that men request at the day spa. Understanding the needs of the modern man, a full service day spa like Bella Santé offers separate changing areas, lockers and showers for men and women.

Spa Facials Are Good For Men?

YES. Facial treatments help men keep their skin clean and clear while at the same time focusing on treating uniquely male issues. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing helps everyone’s skin look and feel its best, and the ingrown hairs that men get from shaving are more easily removed during a facial.

Men's Pedicure 

Men from all walks of life have been coming in for manicures and pedicures for years, because they recognize that it’s an easy way to keep hands and feet neat and clean. Men usually skip the polish and will get their nails trimmed and buffed. Depending on personal preferences, some men opt for a protective clear coat.

Waxing For Men

Ok, so this one is not exactly relaxing, but men have unwanted hair too! Wax is less irritating to the skin than shaving, and the length of time it takes for hair to grow back is longer after waxing than after shaving. From backs and chests to just about everywhere else, many men are choosing to forgo shaving and are turning to waxing instead.