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Our waxing services have received many accolades over the years, because we only use the finest wax available. For any sensitive areas (face, underarms, and bikini), we use a gentle hard wax which contains lavender and chamomile. For any body hair removal, we use strip wax. Before coming in for your appointment, please allow two weeks of hair growth for leg, underarm, or bikini waking. It is also important that if you are taking Retin-A, to stop at least two weeks prior to waxing. And if you are taking Accutane, please stop three months prior to waxing, and consider tweezing for hair removal in the interim. If you are new to waxing, feel free to ask us about high-frequency therapy to cut down on post waxing breakouts. Or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note that waxing services must be scheduled over the phone and cannot be booked online: 617.424.9930.

Brow Wax - $30

Lip Wax - $20

Bikini Wax - $40

Brazilian Wax - $90

LA Bikini Wax - $65

Leg Wax - Lower/Upper/Full, $50/55/85

Arm Wax - Half/Full, $40/50

Back Wax - $65

Chest Wax - $50

Underarm Wax - $30

Chin Wax - $20

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