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Bella Santé’s story began many years ago when our co-founder and CEO was just a young girl, watching her mother, grandmother, and aunt take a “girls trip” to New York City, where a spa was always on the agenda. As the oldest of five children, Tiffany couldn’t understand why her mother wanted to spend the weekend away from her family. But after every spa visit, she remembered her mother would return home renewed and stocked with lotions and potions. She would seem warmer, better, more accessible and relaxed. At the time, Tiffany didn’t realize the lesson she was teaching her: take time to care for yourself and you can better care for everyone around you, in other words take some “me time” every now and again.

Fast-forward to 1996, when Tiffany brought that lesson to life and cofounded the first Bella Santé spa in Lexington, MA. Back then we were just a small skin care clinic with only four treatment rooms. Today, we are the most awarded day spa in the Greater Boston area, with dozens of “Best of Boston” awards, three locations, over 40 treatment rooms, a professional staff of over 200, and a wide variety of soothing relaxation treatments and result-oriented med spa services, all designed to provide you with an exceptional spa experience centered completely around you. 

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