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Couples Spa Day Boston: Yes, Bella Santé is the Perfect Luxury Spa For Couples! Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Togetherness, Wellness & Relaxation at the BEST Spa for Couples in Boston. Celebrating a romance or friendship? Consider a Spa Day for Couples at our luxury spa. You’ll both feel renewed and refreshed when we take care of you and a loved one.
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Summer’s Effect On Premature Aging & Acne Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Guest blogger Lisa Stigliano, Medical Esthetician at Bella Santé, explains the relationship between summer sun and premature aging.
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How To Find A Massage Therapist (And Is It OK To Switch Therapists?) Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Your first appointment with a new massage therapist can be a little like a blind date. You have high hopes that when you walk into the therapy room that you’ll feel instantly at ease and you’ll make a connection. If you feel like the therapist isn’t in touch with you, you won’t get the results you were hoping to achieve.

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What is Dry Body Brushing? Learn the Benefits & Techniques Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Heard the buzz about dry brushing? Benefits include exfoliating your skin, helping your body remove toxins, and, with regular dry brushing, you can even help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Learn more about this health and beauty technique that’s easy, inexpensive, and good for you from the inside out.
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Just In Time For Father’s Day: The Perfect Gift For Dad Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

The special men in your life need TLC too, and we can help you give them the Father’s Day that they deserve. Bella Santé has created a Father’s Day package for the guys: The Gentleman's No-Frills Tune-up Package at a savings of over 25% off!
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How Can I Improve My Posture? Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

May is Posture Month and it's the perfect time to remind ourselves that good posture can improve your overall health, make you look better and help you feel better.
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What Is Deep Tissue Massage? Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Deep tissue massage goes beyond touch to reach the muscle layers where tension and tightness live. Ready for a deeper and more intense level of renewal? A professional deep tissue massage could be for you.
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Experience A Luxury Day Spa In Boston, Lexington, and Wellesley Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

What makes a Boston luxury day spa special? Is it the personal service, the amazing spa treatments, the amenities or the serene atmosphere? True luxury comes not from one or two details but from an environment that connects with all your senses.
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Your Questions Answered: What's A Muscle Knot? Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Ever been on a massage table and heard your massage therapist tell you that “you have a knot there”? You’re not alone. If you’re not clear on what exactly a muscle knot is, you’re also not alone! Here we answer everything you wanted to know about knots, where they come from, and what you can do about them.
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How Can I Maintain Massage Benefits At Home? Top 4 Tips For Self-Care Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

After a massage, our therapists often hear from clients that they want to extend their feeling of well-being and maintain the benefits of their treatment. If you are wondering how to care for your newly massaged muscles, here are our best tips and techniques for at home self-care.

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