How Can I Improve My Posture?

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May is Correct Posture Month and it's the perfect time to remind ourselves that good posture can improve your overall health, make you look better and help you feel better.

What Contributes To Poor Posture?

Posture refers to the way in which you hold your body. You may be using poor posture if you are frequently involved in any of the following activities:

• reading by bending over a book or other materials
• sitting on your wallet
• eating bent over the table
• playing video games
• hunching over a computer for several hours a day
• spending a lot of time gardening
• frequently bending or lifting objects
• lifting weights with poor form
• wearing a heavy backpack or purse
• wearing heels
• are pregnant
• standing or sitting all day

Unsure whether or not you are using poor posture? Consider having someone take pictures of your body positions when you are least aware of what you are doing. If you see that your head is forward while your back is straight, or if you see that your head is forward and your shoulders are rounded, you most likely have poor posture.

Posture Related Health Concerns

Continuing this position will lead to a number of potential health concerns. People with poor posture have more back problems. Plus, slouching can lead to jaw pains, headaches and arthritis from extra strain on the muscles and joints throughout the body.

Ways To Improve Posture

May is the perfect time to begin making changes on your own or with a little help from us. While it is difficult to maintain good posture all the time, you can work to improve your carriage in a number of ways:
avoid sleeping on your back or on your side in the fetal position
• sleep with lumbar support under your lower back
• concentrate on standing with your head high and shoulders back
• keep your knees bent 90-120 degrees perpendicular to the floor while sitting
• avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time
• try yoga or Pilates to better balance the body
• consider regular therapeutic massage appointments with a skilled massage therapist

From reducing pain to boosting your overall health, getting started on your journey to better posture is worth it.