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Summer Skin Care Tips Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

The heat, chlorine, salt water and humidity take their toll on your skin in the upcoming summer months, but the #1 cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. Bella Sante estheticians offer these helpful summer skin care tips for keeping your skin protected and beautiful all summer long.
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Five Tips to Cure Dry, Cracked Hands and Nails in the Winter Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Many of  us suffer from dry hands and brittle, discolored and peeling nails in the winter. Indoor heat and a lack of moisture in the air take their toll. Add to that taxing toll the alcohol-based hand sanitizers we typically use to prevent colds and flu, and your hands probably appear rough and dry.
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The Truth About Beauty Sleep Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

Good quality sleep is essential for many of the body’s vital functions. Going without enough sleep negatively impacts everything from your brainpower and weight, to your mood and appearance. Being tired on a regular basis can even cause premature aging and worsen skin conditions like acne. Unfortunately, stressful modern lifestyles have meant that more and more people are not getting a good night’s sleep.
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10 Tips for Preparing your Skin for Fall Posted by Tiffany Amorosino in

The best part of Summer is spending it outside on the beach, at barbeques and in the pool. Unfortunately, soaking up sunshine and chlorine damages our skin and shows in your complexion in the fall and winter months. For mature skin, the sun leaves behind sun and age spots as well as increased lines and wrinkles.
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