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Balayage Hair Highlights

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Balayage Hair Highlights

Searching for a hair coloring technique that delivers a natural, sun-kissed look? That's what you'll have with balayage hair highlights. In our Wellesley salon, our award winning team of expert colorists are trained in creating stunning balayage highlights. Whether you're after subtle, barely-there highlights or a bold, transformative look, we'll work with you to achieve the style you want. 

Book your appointment today to experience the difference that balayage hair highlights can make. Using a freehand painting technique, our stylists will apply the color to your hair in a way that creates a seamless, natural-looking effect. Whether you want to add a few subtle highlights or go for a more dramatic transformation, we'll work with you to create a look that's unique to you. Ready for the best part? Balayage highlights require minimal upkeep. Touch-up appointments are more easily managed and can be worked into your schedule.

Are you ready to up your hair game with stunning balayage hair highlights? Book your appointment with us today and let our balayage hair color stylists work their magic!

Balayage Hair Highlighting Services Offered at our Wellesley Salon

At the Bella Santé Wellesley Salon we offer various styles balayage that include: 

  • Golden Peach Balayage
  • Face-Frame Highlights
  • Cool Brown Balayage
  • Root Blur Balayage
  • Sun-Kissed Balayage
  • Glossy Caramel
  • ..and more

The balayage technique can be used to achieve Ombré: a look that is defined by a dark root that blends into lighter shades and achieves a dark to light dip dyed look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you share more about the Balayage technique? Balayage is a French highlighting technique that's the go-to for instantly chic hair. Balayage combines both expert placement and hand-painted brushstrokes for the ultimate customized color treatment. Creating depth and dimension, these highlights leave you with a sun-kissed finish that compliments a graceful grow-out.

What's the difference between Balayage and Highlights? At our Wellesley salon, our master colorists will apply highlights in a structured manner using foil. Balayage is a technique that sweeps color onto hair with brushstrokes. Highlights can be more visually intense while balayage can offer a softer, more subtle look.

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