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Massage Enhancements

Massage Enhancement: Agave Nectar Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

Add-On Service - $ 15

This treatment begins with agave nectar oil being carefully applied to your scalp. Then your therapist gives you with a rhythmic and deeply relaxing scalp massage, ending with...

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Massage Enhancement: Cupping

Add-On Service - $ 25

Guests interested in experiencing a sampling of this alternative healing technique are invited to add the Cupping Enhancement to any massage service. An easy introduction to the benefits...

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Massage Enhancement: Dry Brushing

Add-On Service - $ 10

Any of our massages can begin with dry brushing from head to toe. Dry brushing is an ancient practice with incredible health benefits, that when coupled with massage,...

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Massage Enhancement: Foot Revival

Add-On Service - $ 20

This treatment begins with complete exfoliation for your lower legs and feet. Following exfoliation, your therapist gives you a hydrating and soothing foot massage to work out your...

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Massage Enhancement: Hot Stones

Add-On Service - $ 15

Hot stones are one of the best ways to enhance relaxation and melt away tension during a massage. Applied to your neck, shoulders, upper back and lower legs,...

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