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Bella Santé Signature Spa Pedicure

50 min - $ 63

Created to revive, renew, and refresh even the most dehydrated feet, our signature pedicure is a luxurious treatment that is also firmly focused on results. It begins with...

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Dazzle Dry Pedicure

Duration varies - $ 71

Perfect for the woman on the go, our Dazzle Dry Pedicure dries in only 5 minutes, is non-toxic, and lasts for up to four weeks. Fortified with proVitamin...

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Whipped Honey and Nectar Pedicure

50 min - $ 65

Using several of our favorite products, this treatment leaves every part of your feet feeling silky smooth. First, we use Nectar Milk Bath to soften your toes. Then...

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Gentleman's Pedicure

50 min - $ 63

Designed specifically for our male patrons, the Gentleman’s Pedicure cleans and refreshes your feet in just minutes. It begins with a soak and a gentle exfoliation. Next, cuticles...

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Mini Pedicure

30 min - $ 40

Our mini pedicure is just enough time to give your toes a makeover. Perfect for the person on the go, this express treatment includes a cut,...

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