Bella Santé facials now include the use of an Ultrasonic device. This allows for enhanced cleansing and exfoliating, aids in extraction, and improves product absorption for all skin types and conditions. The Ultrasonic is also excellent for sensitive skin as it provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

Teen Facial

50 min - $ 95

Designed specifically for teen skin, this treatment is a combination of exfoliation and deep pore cleansing, to clarify and eliminate impurities. Using therapeutic marine-rich serums to help regulate...

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Signature Medical Grade Facial

60 min - $ 265

Our Medical Grade Facial incorporates a Dermaplane treatment into our Hydrafacial treatment. Dermaplaning prior to a Hydrafacial prepares the skin for further exfoliation and allows for maximum absorption...

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HydraFacial MD®

50 min - $ 225

Treat dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin with this “liquid dermabrasion-like” facial. This treatment, that can be used on many areas of the body, uses state-of-the-art vortex fusion...

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Acne Medical Grade Facial

50 min - $ 155 / 80 min - $ 195

For those who need a little extra help in the fight against severe acne, this clinical-grade facial implements medical grade skincare through a deep foaming cleanse, medical grade...

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SkinCeuticals Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

50 min - $ 155 / 80 min - $ 195

Made for oily or congested skin, this relaxing treatment exfoliates, detoxifies, and clarifies dull, congested skin. After a deep cleansing and double exfoliation, extractions are performed and your...

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CityLife Oxygenating Facial

50 min - $ 140 / 80 min - $ 180

Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and an urban lifestyle, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin with Pure Pore Heating Mask. This self-heating mask gently...

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Ocean Illumination Facial

50 min - $ 150 / 80 min - $ 190

For hyperpigmentation, age spots, uneven complexions. This facial illuminates and brightens even the dullest of complexions. Even out age spots, sun damage, and other issues related to hyperpigmentation...

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CryoClear: Skin Tag & HyperPigmentation Treatment

$85.00 per spot

CryoClear is the worlds ONLY cryotherapy treatment to safely and effectively remove skin tags and hyper pigmentation in as little as one treatment. CryoClear is fast, painless, natural...

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Skinceuticals Radiant HydraFacial

50 min - $ 275

This deluxe HydraFacial begins with a relaxing manual massage. All of the essential steps of the HydraFacial are performed, followed by the Britenol Booster to combat pigmentation and...

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SuperGreens Hydrojelly Facial

50 min - $ 160 / 80 min - $ 200

This treatment features our new Hydrojelly mask- an algae based mask infused with electrolytes, that instantly hydrates and replenishes the skin while enabling a complete absorption of potent,...

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Manuka Honey Lifting and Firming Facial

50 min - $ 175 / 80 min - $ 215

Nature’s cure for thirsty, moisture deprived skin. This hydrating and lifting facial immediately replenishes the skin with deeply hydrating botanical blends. A Pear and Fig Enzyme gently polishes,...

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SOS Medical Facial

60 min - $ 195

Ready For Your Rescue?

This advanced treatment promotes dermal healing, reduces redness, and combats free-radical damage. A double exfoliation, including dermaplaning treatment begins the facial. Phytonutrient-rich mask is massaged into...

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