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TMJ Intra-Oral Massage

50 Min - $ 205 / 80 Min - $ 255
TMJ Intra-Oral Massage

Our TMJ Intra-Oral Massage treatment is a comprehensive therapeutic session designed to alleviate pain and tension in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The treatment begins with a focus on the upper body, incorporating cupping therapy to enhance blood flow and relieve muscle stiffness. 

Following the release of tension in the upper body, a specifically designed facial massage using the Theraface Pro device is performed. This device applies gentle heat and percussion to the face, effectively relaxing the major muscles affected by TMJ disorders.


50 min - $205 | 80 min - $255 (Tues-Fri)


50 min - $225 | 80 min - $280 (Sat-Sun)

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