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Stress Reduction Massage

Starting at - $ 155
Stress Reduction Massage

Treat yourself to the gift of total relaxation with this stress reduction massage. Designed to help ease your mind and body, your massage begins with a warmed jojoba oil that is infused with a blend of essential oils designed to aid your body and mind in relaxation. Once your skin has started to absorb the oil’s nutrients, your therapist will use simple breathing exercises and compression therapy with sandbags, to help your muscles fully release and relax—leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

for those who: are looking to relax and let go
benefits: aids in muscle relaxation and helps release physical and mental stressors
results: relaxed, rejuvenated body, mind, and spirit


50 min - $155 | 80 min - $205 (Tues-Fri)


50 min - $170 | 80 min - $225 (Sat-Sun)

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