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Reiki Session

50 min - $ 120

Reiki is a Japanese healing and holistic technique in which practitioners can help your body heal, rest, and restore through a gentle energy touch.

One of our more holistic treatments, our Reiki massage is an in-depth exploration of “chi” or “energy flow” centers. Deeply meditative, this treatment can be done either “hands on” or through “hovered hands,” as your therapist works on your body’s energetic flow.

Through a technique rooted in ancient holistic energy work, this experience is designed to help you find inner balance, improve your emotional and physical well-being, and promote an overall healthier energetic flow.

for those who: are seeking a more holistic and energy-based massage experience
benefits: helps you find inner balance, improves your emotional and physical well-being
results: a mind and body in perfect harmony


50 min - $120 (Tues-Fri)


80 min - $135 (Sat-Sun)

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