The Benefits of a Professional Spa Facial

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Your face is so visible to others; it is almost like the calling card for your appearance. When you take care of your skin by visiting an esthetician for regular facials, not only are you enhancing your appearance, but you are also protecting your overall health and preventing more serious issues.

Our estheticians are licensed skin care professionals who specialize in improving the condition of your skin. The advantages of a professional facial are many, including preventive care, appropriate skin care advice and a deeply relaxing experience. Here are a few reasons to seek out the services of an aesthetician at Bella Santé:

Better health

Your skin is the largest organ of elimination – acting as a barrier, protecting you from the elements and housing your organs. By taking good care of your skin you improve your overall health, not just your appearance. Estheticians provide a very important service in alerting you to serious skin problems and teaching you preventive care.

Anti Aging

As we age, the skin begins to show wear through sagging, spotting and wrinkles. Your skin’s structure also loses collagen as you age. A good esthetician can help you prevent signs of aging and enhance the elasticity and tone of your skin without resorting to surgery.

Prevent more serious skin problems

An esthetician is trained to recognize serious skin problems that should be referred to a dermatologist. By seeing a professional regularly, she may be able to alert you to changes in moles or suspicious spots that require the intervention of a medical professional. Experienced estheticians can help you with skin problems before they become serious enough to require invasive. If you do require surgery, an esthetician can help prepare the skin and treat the skin after surgery.

Appropriate products for your skin type

An esthetician will analyze your skin and determine which products would suit your skin type the best – tailoring a facial to your own unique needs and alert you to the type of products which would not do well for your skin type for home care in between visits.

It is not only women who benefit from working with a skin care professional. Men are becoming more aware of the professional advantages of taking care of their skin, and teenagers are often able to find relief from acne by visiting an esthetician regularly. Bella Santé offers solutions for all types of skin including:

  • Multi-vitamin facial treatments
  • Soothing and calming facial treatments
  • Purifying facial treatments
  • Facials that nourish and exfoliate
  • Facials designed for sensitive skin and irritated skin
  • Intense moisturizing facials for dehydrated and stressed skin
  • Facials for redness
  • Anti-aging facials
  • Lifting and Firming facials
  • Carita, Phytomer and Decléor
  • Luxury facials


Bella Santé also offers the following targeted skin solutions:

  • Timeless Peel – a medium-depth peel that dramatically reduces signs of aging and pigmentation.
  • Pomegranate Peel - softens and exfoliates your skin while adding anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant protection.
  • Benefit Peel – designed for post-Microdermabrasion treatments or patients with Rosacea and sensitive skin.
  • Purity Peel – excellent for acne as well as acne scarring.
  • Waxing – not just your lip! Bella Sante offers waxing for legs, your bikini area, thighs, and as well.
  • Decléor Vital Eyes – to tone and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Seeing an esthetician at our Newbury Street, Wellesley or Lexington locations for facials and skin care regularly should be a fundamental part of your overall health and wellness plan. Call Bella Santé today at 617.424.9930 to discuss what treatments and services are right for you.