Why We Chose the Vectus Laser (Hint: It's the Best!)

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Laser hair removal means no more plucking, shaving or waxing, but not every laser is created equal. Before offering laser hair removal in Wellesley, we searched for two years to find the most accurate, least painful, and most positively reviewed laser on the market. When we found the state-of-the-art technology that worked for more skin types in less time with the Vectus laser system, we knew it was the only choice for comfortable, permanent hair removal.


Lasers may only be beams of light, but light can create heat too. The Vectus laser is designed with sapphire tips that shed their heat quickly and apply focused light only at the roots of the hair while leaving skin cool. An advanced cooling system means a more comfortable, skin-friendly session.

Fewer and Faster Sessions

Speaking of laser hair removal sessions, you will probably need fewer of them with a Vectus laser treatment and they won’t take long – even if you have a larger area to treat. The laser has the MOST uniform beam profile, and it reaches hair follicles in every phase of growth for more thorough removal. Some clients need only one or two Vectus sessions to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin in treatment areas. Since it offers the largest spot size available, even the largest parts of the body, like the back, can be treated in under 5 minutes.

Older laser removal systems had one major drawback: They could cause skin pigmentation changes around hair follicles. This meant that for people with deeper skin tones, laser hair removal might not be an option. The Vectus laser system features the only FDA approved melanin reader: the easy-to-use Skintel Melanin Reader. It analyzes skin tone and adjusts the light spectrum to automatically target melanin in hair, not in skin.

Works on All Hair Textures

Hair texture varies greatly, not just from person to person but on the same client. The Vectus laser lets aestheticians address hair removal for every texture. Whether it's focused on coarse back hair, thick eyebrow hair or downy facial hair, the light-based treatment is equally effective.


Almost every other form of hair removal needs to be repeated. Shaving regrowth appears after just a day or two. Depilation creams typically last three to five days. With waxing, epilating and plucking, you could wait weeks to see new growth, but the hair still returns. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution.