How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

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There’s no denying that a haircut with an experienced stylist is the perfect excuse to take some time out for a little self-care. Plus, that feeling of having just-cut, just-styled hair is one of life’s little luxuries! Keeping your style and shape in mind, you can maintain healthy hair by determining how long should you go between cuts. It may grow an average of half an inch a month, but averages can't tell the whole story. Your hair may grow more quickly than someone else’s, or it may lose some of its length to breakage if it's deeply damaged. Getting a cut every six to eight weeks is ideal, but there are exceptions to that standard.

Short Hair and Precise Cuts

Most people's hair doesn't grow uniformly, so a short or complex cut will completely change its shape within a month to six weeks as new hair on the crown outpaces growth on the sides. Pixie cuts, geometric styles with blunt edges and close-cropped cuts for men need more frequent maintenance to maintain their intended look. A monthly visit will keep even the most architectural bobs ruler-straight. For blunt and short cuts that aren't as precisely designed or for hair that doesn't grow quickly, a six-week schedule works well.

Long Hair

People with long layers have a bit more leeway, especially if the overall style is more than a couple of inches past shoulder-length. Long hair is delicate hair; it's been on your head for years, and it needs gentle treatment. It also needs the occasional trim to stay healthy and free of split ends, but you can get away with longer periods between cuts. Mark your calendar for an overall cut every 10 to 12 weeks. If your style has bangs, you'll want to go in at the halfway point and get them trimmed.

Curly vs. Straight

Hair's texture also affects how often you go in for a cut. Tight curls tend to grow out rather than down. If you're looking for a close-cropped look, you'll need more frequent maintenance to keep curls tamed. Long curls, on the other hand, can often go as long as 12 to 14 weeks without a cut because curls don't reveal their whole length as straight or wavy locks do. Keep a close eye on your ends if you're sporting long curls or a full Pam Grier natural cut; breakage and split ends can affect all hair textures.