Three Unique Ways To Treat Your Valentine

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You don’t have to be one of those last minute shoppers scrambling for a box of chocolates at the drugstore near your office this year. Take a look at these three unique gift idea suggestions we pulled together from the staff at Bella Santé, and treat your special someone to a Valentine’s Day they won’t forget.

Traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations are marked by couples enjoying romantic candle-lit dinners together, partners exchanging meaningful gifts, and the delivery of bouquets of red roses. Take the opportunity to make this year a little bit more special. Step it up from that box of heart-shaped chocolates, and take your gift giving to the next level. We polled the staff at Bella Santé and got their ideas on unusual ways you can surpass the expectations of your loved one to create a memorable Valentine’s Day for both of you. Here are our top three suggestions for unique ways to show your Valentine how much you care.

A Romantic Treasure Hunt

If you’re a gift giver that relies on traditional gifts like jewelry for a woman or a fancy watch for a man, consider instead planning a romantic treasure hunt. Think about gifts, large and small, that work as hints that relate to your history together. You could write a hint like “check in the place that rhymes with the first word of our favorite song.” Or even something simple like “look where we first met.” Try not to make the hints too difficult! You only need to make sure that each clue reminds that person of time together. If your partner struggles, give them a hand and work together.

Plan a Getaway

No need for an expensive or extravagant location. Even a one-night stay at a bed and breakfast or hotel downtown can be a romantic way to show that special someone just how important and loved he or she is. Getting away from laundry you have to fold and other distractions from home help you focus on each other. If you can, make it a phone free night. Extra points for setting the mood and bringing champagne, chocolate and strawberries, or even a DVD that you two have been meaning to watch together.

Spa Gift Cards

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without a gift of wellness and relaxation in the form of a Bella Santé spa gift certificate. Giving someone the opportunity to have a few hours dedicated to caring for themselves is the perfect way to really treat them. We are experts on helping you make your special someone feel truly special. Your partner will walk out feeling happy, relaxed, and feeling better about themselves and you!  Our gift cards can be used to purchase services and products, or you can choose an amount for a specific treatment. After the time at the spa, who knows where the night might lead? A meaningful and unique gift will help make your Valentine’s Day a celebration of the two of you and what you mean to each other. A little bit of planning will go a long way, and your Valentine will surely appreciate you for your efforts.