The Bella Santé Skinceuticals Introduction and Review

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If you have seen the most recent Skinceuticals reviews, you already know that with revolutionary serums like CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF this company is breaking the barrier between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Learn more about one of our medical grade spa product lines.

Founding scientist of Skinceuticals, Dr. Pinnell, based his research on searching for skincare solutions based on science. Although he developed eight patents over thirty years, it was the stable solution of Vitamin C (L-Asorbic Acid) that is the most pivotal to the entire Skinceuticals skin care line. Referred to as the Duke Antioxidant Patent, this formulation of Vitamin C is what makes Skinceuticals so effective and unique. Vitamin C works with your sunscreen to protect the skin from the aging effects of the sun and then reverses damage. Clinical studies have shown results in test subjects who saw fine lines, redness, skin laxity, and overall brightness improve.  The philosophy of Skinceuticals can be summed up in three words: prevention, protection, and correction.


Nothing turns back the clock, but with antioxidants that banish free radicals and emollients to soothe skin, you can hold it in place. Resveratrol, AHAs and Phloretin give your skin a nourishing cocktail of age-defying phytochemicals. Together with your sunscreen, the gels and serums in this category prevent the damaging effects of photoaging. In this category are products like Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Skinceuticals Phloretin CF: serums and gels that have won award after award for brightening skin and defending it from future damage.


Here’s where you can check out one of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2013 selections: Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. Your skin has spent years exposed to aging ultraviolet rays, environmental damage and harsh treatment from the elements. Protecting your skin from continued damage with powerful sunscreens and antioxidants keeps it looking and feeling healthier. With clinical-strength UV defense products formulated for every skin type, you can enjoy a sunny day or feel the wind on your face again. These sunscreens are formulated to offer a broad-spectrum sunscreen ingredients to provide powerful yet weightless protection.


Skin that looks flawless doesn't get that way on its own. Skinceuticals' line of products includes Advanced Pigment Correctors for every skin type, age defense serums, clarifying treatments like Blemish + Age Defense for troubled skin and targeted creams that give every part of your skin special help. The parts of you that see the most sun need extra attention, and Skinceuticals delivers with hand, neck and face creams that actively firm and improve skin texture.