Four Quick Skin Care Tips

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One of our own Bella Santé staffers got a compliment on her glowing skin recently, and in the same conversation she received a cry for help. Here are the easy tips she shared that would help anyone improve the state of their skin.

  • Use a toner. It doesn’t get as much attention as the other players in a recommended skincare regimen, but a good toner makes a world of difference. Check out this great article that explains why toners are an easy way to make your skin look and feel healthier:Why Use Toner?.
  • After you clean your face at night, pull your hair back. Your hair hangs around and transfers oil on to your face. Protect your skin and give it some time off at night.
  • Make sure you change your pillowcase often. A sure way to cause a breakout is to use a pillow case that has a buildup of oils and dirt.
  • Are you using very hot water to wash your face? Stop it! Go with either warm or cold water when you cleanse your face. Hot water will strip your skin and over dry it.