Why Drink Water? Because You'll Look Younger!

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When we saw the news that a woman took TEN YEARS OFF HER FACE by drinking only water for 28 straight days, we tossed our coffee, poured ourselves a tall glass (or was it a huge jug?) of water, and we started our own investigation.

As it turns out, one of the best-kept secrets for healthier, younger-looking skin is as easy to find as turning the tap. Water makes up a large percentage of your body weight, and when you don't drink enough of it, it shows in your skin. Without enough water, your skin looks dull and rough. You’ll add years to your apparent age and defeat the purpose of spa treatments or facials.

Consider these four facts about water:

Fact 1: YOU Are Mostly Water

You probably contain more water than anything else. On average, the human body is 60 percent water, but that proportion varies by age and body type. Some body tissues also need more water than others, and skin is especially susceptible to showing the effects of too little water. When you're dehydrated, your body finds the water it needs from within itself, robbing your skin of the moisture that keeps it looking younger to supply vital organs with essential water. The solution: Drink enough water to keep every part of you feeling hydrated and healthy.

Fact 2: Water Is Good For Your Teeth

Drinking water leads to healthier teeth. When you drink more water, you drink less of the things that can spoil your smile, such as coffee and colas. By preventing mouth dryness, you also help keep teeth and gums healthy. Maintaining a beautiful smile is important to your health and your appearance, so opt for water over other choices and do your mouth a favor.

Fact 3: Water Is The ULTIMATE Moisturizer

Water helps moisturizer do its job. Dehydrated skin looks visibly parched. Skin loses its glow, reveals every fine line and turns rough when you don't drink enough water. Moisturizers can counteract some of that, but they can only do so much; even the best moisturizer only penetrates the uppermost layers of skin and can't reach deep into the dermis to do its work. To keep skin cells plump and youthful from the inside out, you need to replenish their water supply both internally and externally. Give your moisturizer a break and drink enough water to hydrate your skin's deepest layers.

Fact 4: Water Supports Collagen In Your Skin

Collagen contains water too. The connective tissues that give youthful skin its bounce and elasticity need water to function properly and repair themselves. Someone who's seriously dehydrated loses skin elasticity. When you choose water instead of other options with your meals and as a between-meal refresher, you help your body keep the collagen in your skin working as intended.

The Fountain of Youth may be mythical, but your water fountain could be a good substitute. Take your own 28 day challenge and see how your skin responds; you might just be amazed at how much of a difference water makes for the way you look and feel.