The Bella Santé NuFace Review

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Learn more about one of our newest Bella Santé med spa products: the NuFace Trinity. An FDA approved hand held device, it will help your skin look smooth and radiant without injections or surgery.

While it may seem like something out of a futuristic movie, the NuFace Trinity is tool you can start using today. A non-surgical anti-aging treatment that boosts collagen production and tones skin, it takes only minutes a day for the little gadget to undo years of fine lines and other surface damage. The FDA has approved NuFace microcurrent technology to improve skin tone, reduce the visibility of fine lines near the eyes, and stimulate collagen production under the skin without invasive surgery or injections.

The technology behind NuFace uses a gentle but powerful current to revitalize skin's texture and tone. It's a perfect addition to our medical spa offerings, because it’s an easy way for you to get targeted results with a treatment you can do at home.  Learn more details by checking out the clinical studies that back up the results with science. Ready to work at a deeper level to speed collagen production, step up cellular turnover and minimize lines? Discover more youthful, radiant skin with NuFace.