Why Exfoliate? A Brief Guide To Why & How

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Taking care of your skin is critical to looking your best and to fight the war on aging. What’s the most important part of your routine? Professional exfoliation – regularly.

If you are already a subscriber to the idea of exfoliating, then you know that winter (along with its dry indoor air and harsh outdoor conditions) is the best time to exfoliate. If you’re unfamiliar with the plethora of benefits from regular exfoliation, this article is for you! 

Is Exfoliating Good For Skin?

Consider the fact your skin is not only the largest organ of your body but also one of the most delicate. Now consider the daily and seasonal abuse you’re exposed to (diet, perfumes, skincare products, harsh conditions, artificial light, pollution….) which can all wreak havoc if you don’t care for your skin carefully and regularly.

Why is Exfoliation Important?

Few people realize that the top layer of your skin is entirely made up of dead (yes, dead) skin cells! Exfoliating removes dead surface skin cells which helps reveal the more luminous, younger looking skin beneath.

Am I covered with dead skin cells?

Yes – and they’ve been dead for at least a month. Our body will naturally shed millions of dead skin cells a day allowing new ones to travel to the surface as the old flake off, but the process is slow (as we age it gets even slower) and the “buildup” we accrue from the dead skin cells remaining on the surface creates a substance called keratin – the body’s natural process of protection.

You’re Recommending Removing This Protection?

Yes! We do indeed need dead skin cells to protect us from the elements, but a buildup of this ‘protection’ is counterproductive. Without regular exfoliation you’ll accumulate an abundance of dead surface skin cells which create clogged pores, discoloration and aging – the most common complaint is dull, lifeless looking skin. We recommend a professional treatment a minimum of 4 times a year to keep your skin looking vibrant. An added benefit is that regular exfoliation stimulates skin cells and increases natural oil production and blood flow giving you a more youthful appearance over all.

The Benefits of Exfoliating Are Virtually Endless: 

Exfoliation helps your skincare products work better 

The largest benefit of regular exfoliation is how vibrant your skin looks afterwards, but few realize what exfoliation does for their daily beauty routines. As a woman, you know there are thousands of skincare products that promise you all kinds of results, but without exfoliating regularly, you’re simply applying these products to dead skin adding to the buildup of keratin. Exfoliate regularly and your skincare products will be able to penetrate and give you the results you are looking for.

Exfoliation helps your makeup go on smoother

Does your foundation make your skin look rough, dry or cakey? Exfoliating removes the dry dead skin cells that enhancing imperfections or cakey looking makeup.  When your skin is properly exfoliated you don’t need as much make-up or heavy foundations to create the illusion of smooth skin – you’ll already have a smooth base to begin application.

Is Exfoliation Anti-Aging?

Exfoliating treatments slow the aging process, but post-menopausal women will benefit the most. After menopause, the natural process of shedding dead skin and regenerating new cells becomes slower. In addition, keratin-filled dead cells build up quicker and more unevenly once we reach middle age. Exfoliation accelerates the process, evens out your skin tone and makes your skin look healthier and younger.

Exfoliation Leaves You With Smoother skin

Our skin is made up of many microscopic layers of cells, but only the deepest level, called the dermis, contains living cells which are smooth and radiant. These cells give us our youthful appearance, so by exfoliating the dead, dry skin cells, you're better able to reveal that healthy glow.

Is Exfoliating Good For Acne?

 Most acne products dry out the skin. While effective in destroying the bacteria that causes acne, these products are harsh and counter productive, creating an excess of dry skin which then acts as a barrier trapping oil in the skin and starting a new cycle of breakouts!

Exfoliation Unclogs Pores

Contrary to popular belief, clogged pores, or “blackheads” and “whiteheads,” aren’t caused by poor hygiene – most commonly they’re caused by misuse of products that trap excess oil and keratin in the skin. Exfoliating is necessary to remove the dead surface cells and release excess oils and keratin.

Exfoliation Reverses Dry skin 

Our skin is very often dehydrated, especially during the winter months. We load up on heavier creams and skin care products to combat this process, but dry skin means that dead cells actually prevent your skin from absorbing these products! Removing the dead skin cells a few times a year and moisturizing the new skin cells results in soft supple skin all year round.

Free Consultation

Schedule an appointment at Bella Sante for one of our exfoliation treatments and you’ll receive a free skincare consultation. We will recommend a professional skincare regimen right for you, including the most effective products for daily at-home skincare. While you’re likely to see an immediate change in your skin after just one visit, these treatments are meant to be done in tandem. You should schedule several exfoliating facial sessions over an extended period of time — exfoliating is more effective when performed in a series.

Which Treatment is right for you?

To schedule your first treatment and free consultation, choose from one of the treatments based on your skin type. Don’t worry. If you’ve diagnosed your skin wrong, your Esthetician can adjust the treatments on consultation.