Healthy And Beautiful Skin Starts With These Easy Sunscreen Tips

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There are a number of reasons to wear sunscreen, and skin cancer prevention tops the list. However, protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays with sunscreen is not just vital for your health, but also for your skin's appearance. In fact, researchers estimate that 90 percent of skin aging is actually sun damage.

If you wear sunscreen (and you should!) make sure you are following recommended guidelines to get the most out of your sun protection.

Apply Sunscreen Early

If you wait until the hottest part of the day or the longest days of summer, you aren't getting the most from your sun protection products. The danger hours are when the sun is highest and its rays most direct, but even morning or late afternoon sunshine contributes to photo-aging.

Know The Two Major Categories of Sunscreen

The kind of sunscreen you use determines when you should apply it. Sun protection products fall into two major categories: physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Many sunscreens use light-sensitive ingredients to shield your skin. These ingredients must interact with your skin to be effective, say experts. Apply chemical sunscreens about half an hour before you step into the sun. Products that rely on physical sunscreens use tiny, reflective particles of zinc oxide and titanium oxide to scatter UV rays. They can go on after your moisturizer and other skincare products.

You Need More Sunscreen Than You Think

Most people use too little sunscreen. The current recommendation is that you use a shot glass of lotion-based sunscreen with every application, and about a tablespoon of that should go on your face. Spray-based formulas and concentrated serums feel lighter than lotions and oils, but you should still be generous with products. When it comes to sun protection, your skin can't get too much.

Every Skin Type Benefits From Sunscreen

All skin types need sun protection. People with darker complexions often feel they can skip the sunscreen, but doing without it is a health risk. Although light-skinned people are more prone to photo-aging and skin cancer, the kinds of cancer that affect people with darker skin tend to be more serious.

Sunscreen takes only seconds to apply today, but because sun damage is cumulative, think of it as the most important part of your skincare regimen a decade from now. Make this summer a beautifully healthy one with regular sunscreen use.