Nail Salon Sanitation

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Chances are you’ve heard a story or two about low standards at area Nail Salons. I’ve had friends who have gotten serious infections from unsterilized tools....but we still need our weekly manicure- pedicure!

At Bella Sante we autoclave (surgically sterilize) every implement, if the salon you visit is not using proper sanitation, that manicure may be more risky then you think. If nail equipment is not properly sanitized it can lead to infections that can be painful, unattractive, and even life threatening.

Here are a few signs you should look for next time you get your nails done:

The implements should not be stored in an open tray, and should not be used from one client to another (you will never see this in any of our day spas)

Cotton balls, orangewood sticks, nail wipes and disposable towels should never be re-used (this is disgusting and unconscionable)

Tools like metal files, cuticle scissors, tweezers, and electric drill bits should be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized by autoclave, dry heat sterilizer or

UV light (we like the autoclave because we can have a fresh set of tools for each guest)

Lastly, licensing is very important. Every Nail Technician needs to be licensed in the state of Massachusetts. Ask to see their license if it’s not already on display.