Improve Your Health with a Swedish Massage

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There are many types of massage, and perhaps the most popular is the Swedish Massage. Many think of a Swedish massage as a special treat with the intent of pampering oneself with the gift of relaxation and just as many think a Swedish Massage is only unique in technique.  A technique which can be defined as “kneading”  with long, firm strokes using the hands and forearms to tackle the deep layer of muscles in addition to lighter, tapping movements to create a holistic effect that allows tension in the body to release and relax.

Beyond the Pampering

Swedish massage can play an active role in your health.

Did you know:

Circulatory System  – Swedish Massage improves the circulatory system via increased circulation, lowered blood pressure, better elimination of metabolic wastes and reduced ischemia (reducing blood supply to organs and/or tissues which affects muscle pain) which decreases swelling from injuries.

Endocrine System  ­– Swedish Massage improves the endocrine system by releasing endorphins, elongating muscles, stimulating the nervous system, improving weak muscles and supporting sleep.

Muscular System  ­– Swedish Massage improves the muscular system by alleviating the restriction of muscles, tension and stiffness while enhancing blood circulation. Swedish massage also improves the durability and flexibility of muscles while delivering oxygen and nutrients to them for reduced fatigue and soreness.

Respiratory System­ – Swedish Massage breaks up mucus in the lungs and rids your body of toxins.

Digestion/Elimination – Swedish Massage promotes digestion and relieves gas and constipation.

Psychological – Swedish Massage improves your over all well being by relaxing both mind and body! It’s important to use Swedish massage as part of a regular routine to boost your immunity and maintain balance within your life.

Swedish Massage at Bella Sante Day Spa

The Bella Sante Spa Massage is a traditional Swedish-based massage and our most popular. Enjoy a world-class spa experience and the latest in therapeutic, relaxing spa treatments at one of three locations in Boston, Wellesley or Lexington. If this is your first visit to Bella Sante Day Spa add a Blueberry Smoothie Facial for 30% off (Monday – Friday only).

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