Is My Skin Care Routine Working?

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Guest blogger Nicole Roketenetz, Bella Santé's Esthetic Director and a Medical Aesthetician, shares her tips on how you can tell if your new skin care regime is working or not.

Frustrated when you don’t see results quickly from new skin care products? That’s because a full cycle of skin-cell turnover takes place over the span of a month. The fact is that outside of a medical procedure, you won’t experience instant results. If you want to see change, you’ll need to wait until that process has cycled through in order to see if a new skincare regime has made a difference. In addition, although there are many other reasons to avoid them, be aware that the sun and smoking can interfere with how quickly--and how well--skincare products work on your skin.

What To Expect

In the first month, we hope that your skin reacts positively and you will start to see results. You should notice clear, smooth and hydrated skin. For some skin types this process can take a little longer; they’ll need more time to adjust. Products that lighten acne marks or dark spots (i.e.: products with hydroquinone in them) tend to start working quicker than others. For the first week or two you may also experience breakouts and some flaking of the skin. This type of reaction depends on the products used and the results you are working toward.

A Reaction Or An Adjustment?

We tell our guests to monitor their skin for a reaction when starting a new homecare program. It’s important to note, though, that what appears to be a reaction is just skin getting used to new products. A reaction will usually be red, raised skin, warm to the touch, and may even be itchy. I would recommend trying the product for at least several days to see if it gets progressively worse (reaction) or starts to calm down (adjustment).

Keep In Touch

Everyone’s skin is unique and for that reason we recommend keeping in touch with your aesthetician when changing up your routine. We’re here for you. Let us know if you need guidance navigating through the new regime.

The bottom line: Be patient for the first whole month. While you may feel like your face is cleaner if you try a new cleanser and your skin is becoming softer when you try a new moisturizer, keep it up for at least four weeks to see the true effectiveness. Evaluate your skin at the end of four weeks and if you don’t see improvements, it may be time to try something else.