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50 min - $ 120

Reflexology therapy is focused on systematic relaxation and helps to release congestion and tension throughout the entire body. Using your feet as a map to correspond to specific organs, bones, and body systems, foot reflexology and manual manipulation of pressure points releases tension and congestion from all areas of the body, and can even promote optimal organ function. Through strategic and pinpointed techniques, this treatment can release everyday stresses and create balance and harmony in your mind and body.

for those who: would like to relieve stress and feel an overall sense of relaxation, all throughout the map of your feet
benefits: releases everyday stresses, promotes optimal organ and body system function, and creates harmony with your mind and body
results: a more balanced and relaxed mind and body


50 min - $120 (Tues-Fri)


80 min - $135 (Sat-Sun)

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