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Sara Happ

Let's Glow™ Lip Scrub & Shine Kit

$ 37.00


Indulge your lips with Sara Happ's Let's Glow™ Lip Scrub & Shine Kit. This set features the bestselling Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and the Lip Slip® One Luxe Gloss, delivering a luxurious, glossy finish.

The Lip Scrub - Brown Sugar

Simple and sweet, brown sugar is a timeless classic that elevates your lip care routine. This scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin, leaving your lips irresistibly soft and supple.

The Lip Slip® One Luxe Gloss

Indulge in the nourishing results of Sara Happ's #1 bestselling Lip Slip® Balm, now in the form of a luxurious lip gloss. This gloss offers a subtle shimmer and a high-shine finish, accompanied by the classic, delicate rose-vanilla scent for an unparalleled lip experience.

Transform your lips with the Sara Happ Let's Glow™ Lip Scrub & Shine Kit – the ultimate treat for glossy, glamorous lips.