Concerned About Wrinkles Or Breakouts? Get A Satin Pillowcase. Really.

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Switch to a satin pillowcase, and get a better night's rest without worrying about how you'll look and feel when you wake up.

You take care of your skin for 16 hours a day, but what happens when you sleep? Without your realizing it, your pillowcase could be undoing a lot of the good you're doing for your skin with anti-aging and acne-fighting regimens. Bella Santé staffers swear by this easy skin care tip that supports every healthy skin care routine.

Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Satin pillowcases don't fall into heavy wrinkles, so they don't leave creases on your face. The softer fabric is kinder to skin. That may not make a big difference in the short term, aside from letting you wake up looking more refreshed, but in the long run, the wrong pillow could contribute to premature aging. Skin naturally creases at certain points, and when you sleep with your face pressed to your pillow, those creases become deeper lines.

Prevent Breakouts

Your satin pillowcase can also help you prevent breakouts. Cleansing your face before bedtime is vital to healthy skin, but as you sleep, any residual night moisturizer, perspiration and the oils your skin naturally produces wind up on your pillowcase. Satin stays cooler than other weaves, minimizing the output of those oils and keeping your pillow cleaner. Regular laundering is also essential, so consider having a few identical pillowcases and changing them frequently.

Whether you're concerned with staying youthful, preventing breakouts or a bit of both, changing your pillowcase over from cotton to satin is an easy way tip for anyone to follow. A satin pillowcase alone doesn't replace a good skin care regimen, but it can help you make the most of your skin care routine.