Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal: A Guide

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Many women struggle with the issue of hair removal. Here's a guide to help you find the method that's best for you. From peach-fuzz fringes to long, dark, or coarse growth, women have been doing battle with excess hair -- and hair removal -- for centuries. For some, the problem is hereditary or related to ethnic heritage. For others, it can be caused by a medical condition, or even the result of hormonal changes linked to menopause.

Still other women are interested in hair removal for areas such as legs, underarms, or bikini area, where growth is normal but sometimes undesirable. No matter the rea-son, there is no shortage of ways to cope. Bella Santé offers the two most popular services in hair removal, for sleek without the “eek”.

Hair Removal Method No. 1: Pulse Laser

What It Does: One of the more popular ways to remove hair is via laser or pulsed light - energy that goes through the hair shaft down to the follicle, where it destroys the hair's root. In this procedure, the hair weakens and falls out over time.

Best For: Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body. We use the Vectus Laser because it can be used on almost any skin tone with any hair type.

How Long It Takes : It usually requires 5-7 sessions, some will require a touch-up about once a year thereafter, dependent on hormonal fluctuations in the body.

Hair Removal Method No. 2: Waxing

What It Is : It's been around for centuries, but today's waxes are soy-based to allow for bonding only to the hair, not the skin. The soy-based wax is applied, covered with cloth strips, and after the wax sets, the strips are removed, taking the hair with it.

Because it only sticks to hair, not skin, it produces a kindler, gentler waxing, with less damage and pain when the wax is removed.

Best For: Waxing can remove hair anywhere on the body, including the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, arms and legs. A bikini wax removes hair that might show when you're wearing a skimpy bathing suit bottom, while a Brazilian wax removes all hair from the genital area.

How long it takes: the procedure must be repeated every few weeks. Waxing is best performed in a spa or salon by a waxing specialist.