Can UV Lights From Nail Salon Dryers Cause Cancer?

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The New York Times recently published an article reporting on a link between skin cancer and UV lights. Specifically, there have been reported cases of women who developed cancer on their hands after using the nail dryers at a local salon. According to a study run by Georgia Regents University,  dryers release an amount of ultraviolet radiation that can range from barely anything to "significant". Even scarier, the article goes on to say that it only takes eight to fourteen visits over a period of 24 to 42 months to reach an exposure level for DNA damage that could lead to cancer.

Rest assured that whatever the exact risk may be, Bella Santé does not use UV dryers. We ONLY use LED lights during manicures. Drying with LED lights is as safe as standing in front of Christmas Tree lights. When we did use dryers with UV lights during shellac manicures, our policy was to always apply sunscreen to client's hands prior to any exposure.

Check out the article here: Nail Salon Lamps May Increase Skin Cancer Risk