Natural Beauty Tip: Melon

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Rich in antioxidants and high in skin-friendly nutrients, melons also have significant beauty benefits. Learn more about how botanicals that feature melon and melon oil extracts offer next-generation skin care as gentle exfoliants, moisturizers and soothing serums.

Moisturizing Melon Extracts

Most melons are more than 90 percent water. Eating them can help with hydration, but so can applying them directly to the skin as a calming, moisture-rich treatment. A cantaloupe or musk-melon mask is especially useful for oily skin as it supplies hydration without oil. Spa products are just beginning to take advantage of melon's moisturizing properties, but you can expect to see melon-infused masks and wraps at more spas soon.

For dry or mature skin, the lightweight oils pressed from melon seeds are nourishing without feeling greasy. They're turning up in anti-aging serums and lotions designed to calm rosacea, sunburns and sensitive skin. 

Melons for Silkier Skin

Exfoliating your skin regularly is essential to maintaining a healthful glow, and melon extracts speed the process. The slight acidity of cantaloupe helps maintain the skin's natural acid mantle as it lifts away old, dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin. For renewing and rejuvenating other parts of your body where the skin is thicker, finely ground melon seed makes a powerful exfoliant with a natural origin. Products with melon extracts feel soothing on your skin, allowing other potent ingredients to do their work without causing irritation.

Melons Boost Antioxidant Levels

Antioxidants defend your skin against environmental damage and harmful free radicals. Lycopene, the same antioxidant ingredient that gives tomatoes their bright color, is also abundant in watermelon. Nourishing treatments incorporate melon extracts to boost their antioxidant levels and help protect skin from daily damage.

The next time you sip a chilled watermelon lemonade or bite into a cool slice of honeydew, consider giving your skin a melon-infused treat too.