A Durable, Long-lasting, Manicure That Won’t Wreck Your Nails? YES. Posted by Tiffany Amorosino on February 27, 2016 in

From juggling a busy calendar to working around the added weekly expense, it can be nearly impossible to get to the salon or spa for a weekly manicure to keep nails presentation ready. Plus, once you get the professional treatment, waiting for your nails to dry can feel like, well, watching paint dry. Until recently, a gel manicure was the solution for long-lasting color that kept your nails in shape, but gel isn’t perfect. Difficult and somewhat painful to remove, it can be damaging to nail beds and require frequent exposure to UV lights. Enter Dazzle Dry: a quick drying, durable and packed with healthy ingredients polish. Not only do you achieve rock hard nails in five minutes and a manicure that lasts weeks instead of days, but the unique polish actually strengthens nails and makes them healthier. Work trips, vacations, special events, Dazzle Dry has replaced gel for me.

Dazzle Dry: Five Fast Facts


Imagine a nail routine that doesn’t revolve around weekly trips to the salon or weekly mani sessions on your couch. This can happen with Dazzle Dry. Polishing your nails in a special, chip-resistant coat, it forms a protective barrier that keeps color fresh for up to four weeks at a time. That’s because Dazzle Dry uses a proprietary flex formula: a technology designed to bend with the changing curve of your natural nail, so you never have to worry about your color snapping under pressure.


As far as trends go, layered, high-gloss hues are everywhere and Dazzle Dry delivers. Infused with luminous light-reflecting particles, Dazzle Dry forms a radiant, ultra-smooth surface with a multi-dimensional finish that shines from every angle. With texture collections that cover the entire spectrum from milky creams to glamorous glitters, it’s easy to find the perfect shade for any season, style and occasion. The best part is, you don’t need to put your hands under a UV light to get the glossy finish.


Underneath all that brilliant color, a vitamin-enriched, non-yellowing formula works around the clock to nourish your overworked nails, leaving them stronger, clearer and more resistant to breakage. The benefits don’t end there. Made without nitrocellulose, formaldehyde, camphor and toluene (chemicals frequently found in standard nail polish), Dazzle Dry’s one-of-a-kind vegan formula, yes vegan, is non-toxic: it’s actually good for your nails AND the environment. So if you’re one of those people who feels guilty while applying gel polish, this might be a product you should consider.


Tired of soaking, scraping and peeling? Chances are that you’re frustrated with gel manicures, the stronger salon alternative than the short-lived nitrocellulose found in most traditional polishes. While gel does deliver impressive results, lasting somewhere between two and three weeks, it has drawbacks. Its removal process is notoriously difficult, and because gel contains chemicals similar to the ones used in tough acrylic nails, repeated applications can eventually damage your sensitive nail bed.

Drying a gel manicure can require repeated exposure to UV light. If you don’t apply sunblock to your hands when they’re under the lights, you could be risking premature aging to the skin on your hands.

With Flex technology, Dazzle Dry offers the strength and longevity of gel naturally and without soaking your fingers in acetone. When you’re ready for your next manicure, roughly two weeks after application, its gentle formula can be lifted the same way as regular nail polish.


Besides better nail health and longer-lasting color, one of the major benefits of Dazzle Dry is its lightning-fast drying time. Five minutes under a fan (optional) is all it takes to get a rock-solid, smudge-proof wall of vibrant color that’s safe. Get back to your life with no adjustment. Period. Need to dig into your purse, open the car door and fasten your seatbelt? You can now do all of these things without having to go back to the salon because of a smudge. A Dazzle Dry manicure will stay put, beautifully.

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