Discount Skincare Products Online: Are They Safe?

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Medical products from skin care lines are only available for purchase through a doctor’s office or from a practice that is under the leadership of a doctor. So why are they are ending up on the shelves of discount department stores? How are online discounters selling these powerhouse products at discounts of up to 50 percent off?

We only offer you the finest in medical grade and non-medical grade products after a thorough analysis of your skin, because we have a strong understanding of what an effective product can do when used correctly. You should only see these bottles and jars on our shelves and on the shelves at your dermatologist’s office. Yet it’s no secret that if you go online, you’ll see them at a number of different popular online stores for prices that are 10 to even 50 percent lower than what we sell them for. You may even notice a few of the boxes when you browse the aisles at your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Did you know that medical grade lines of skincare products like SkinCeuticals, Biopelle, EltaMD, and Neocutis require contractual obligations that regulate how they can be sold? Don't be tempted by a low price. Counterfeiting and theft is a real issue with medical grade skin care products, and what's in the jar might not be the legally obtained high-quality product you expect.

Why Are Skincare Products Online So Cheap?

Many times the prices you find online are lower than those you’ll find at authorized resellers. Believe it or not, skincare products are a big business to scam artists. There are a number of scenarios that bring high end products to cheap online discounters: shipments are stolen and sold to consumers, products are counterfeited and sold in familiar packaging, and some unscrupulous vendors sell expired products that won’t give you the full benefit you expect.

The Risks of Counterfeit Skincare Products

A counterfeit purse that falls apart is bad enough, but when you are trusting your skin to unknown products in familiar-looking jars, you run a serious health risk. Some of these products might contain fragrances and colors that aren't skin-safe. Others may be made under unsanitary conditions or with impure ingredients. At best, you won’t get the benefits you’re paying for. At worst you may be in for a whole host of issues applying unknown ingredients to your skin.

How Do You Know If A Skincare Product Is Legit? 

Well, that's the thing - you don't. If you're not ordering from an authorized online vendor, all you can be sure of is that you're getting a discount. That's it. Unfortunately for you, that deal isn't much of a deal if you're getting mostly water or something a whole lot worse for your money. To get the full benefit of products you trust, choose an authorized dealer who is obligated to abide by certain standards to make sure the product lives up to its promise. You may think you’re saving a few dollars, but It's worth paying for quality when you know everything that goes on your skin is pure and lives up to its label.