Introducing: Advanced Muscular Therapy Treatment Posted by Tiffany Amorosino on July 10, 2014 in


There is no way to describe this Med Spa service without using the word results. A targeted treatment in every sense, Bella Sante’s Advanced Muscular Therapy offers a way to alleviate pain or injury patterns, and it will help you make a dramatic improvement in your posture.

Medical Spa therapies are services we offer in a luxurious environment that send you home with results that can be seen and felt quickly. Advanced Muscular Therapy Treatment is one of our exciting new med spa options. Over a series of appointments, our specially trained therapists offer guests an opportunity to finally free themselves from chronic pain and achieve incredible improvement in posture.

Phase One: Assessment

We ask that guests arrive in fitted athletic wear (sports bra and shorts) so that the therapist can see bony landmarks and make determinations on possible alignment issues. To understand your body’s base reading, a comprehensive assessment that incorporates the latest in technological advances is performed during the first part of your appointment. After that evaluation, you will be treated with a hands on bodywork session to help determine the course of therapy. At the end of the appointment, a treatment plan is discussed, home care is demonstrated and assigned, and a customized schedule is created.

Phase Two: Ongoing Therapy

After the first Advanced Muscular Therapy Treatment appointment, your therapist will follow up with you within a few days to learn how you are doing and to send you more information or home care suggestions. With each appointment in your customized series you will learn something new about yourself and how to improve your posture, reduce your pain, and boost your overall health.

Phase Three: Results

As you progress through your therapy you will see improvements in your posture, and periods of pain will occur less frequently with less intensity. You will learn more about yourself and how to take better care of your body on a daily basis. The knowledge and insight you gain about yourself will surprise you!

We recommend this treatment is booked in a series. When you purchase five in advance, we offer a complimentary sixth appointment.

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