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Mother Glows Best Mani Pedi

50 min - $ 75 / 30 min - $ 35
Mother Glows Best Mani Pedi

Feet dip into a warm, soothing, Nectar bath. A fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil scrub is worked into dry winter feet and legs, smoothing rough edges, revealing new skin beneath. A warm, vitamin-rich oil with a vibrant clementine scent applied to legs and feet begins your relaxing massage layered with a billowy, whipped, peptide-infused body mousse leaving you relaxed, renewed and ready for Spring!

50 min Pedicure Treatment, $75.00

30 min Manicure Treatment, $35.00

90 min Mani/Pedi Combo, $100.00

Indulge in both a Manicure and Pedicure and enjoy $10.00 savings!

**Offer valid through March 31st. Cannot be combined with any other special or discount. 

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