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Cupping Massage Treatment

50 min - $ 115 / 80 min - $ 165

If you are looking for something to help relieve tension on a deeper level, this treatment is perfect on its own or in tandem with a deep tissue massage. An alternative therapy that originates from ancient Chinese healing practices, this treatment involves the skin being gently suctioned upwards in a cup, through a hand held pump. During this treatment, therapists may apply either stationary or gliding cups. When using gliding cups, a skilled therapist applies the cup to suction to the skin, then they move it along the length of the muscle, release the suction, and finally incorporate a massage that is customized to your needs. This process, incorporating massage and cupping, approaches tension in two different ways, through downward pressure (the massage) and upward suction (cupping).

*Please note that cupping therapy may leave temporary marks in areas where the cups are applied.

If you are interested in sampling this alternative healing technique, we welcome you to add the Cupping Enhancement to any of our other massage treatments.

for those who: are looking to reduce chronic tension and enhance a deep tissue massage
benefits: helps treat pain in deep scar and connective tissues, as well as muscle knots and swelling
results: improves range of motion, loosens muscle

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