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Carita Ideal Custom Facial

50 min - $ 140 / 80 min - $ 185

From prevention to correction, the Carita facial offers a unique anti-aging experience to combat dryness, dehydration and less-defined skin while restoring a healthy radiant complexion. Carita’s signature Rénovateur is applied with lymph drainage techniques to remove impurities and dead cells from the skin’s surface. A relaxing yet highly efficacious massage follows which maximizes the benefits of the customized products applied. Designed for all skin, types this extremely hydrating treatment erases signs of tiredness and restores the skin’s suppleness leaving it deeply replenished and radiant.

Carita Cotton Facial

If your skin often suffers from redness, this soothing facial is perfect for you. Using hypoallergenic formulas to comfort your skin and strengthen its defenses, this treatment rebuilds natural resistance to external irritants. And if used over time, it can help make your skin less reactive and irritable.

for skin that is: sensitive, reactive, and easily irritated
benefits: helps calm irritations and strengthens defenses
results: reduces redness, less reactive, more resistant skin

Carita Lagoon Facial

Restore fatigued skin with this treatment, which utilizes sea algae-concentrate from the French-Polynesian sea. Rich in calcium and magnesium and penetrating the deepest layers of your skin, this key ingredient helps strengthen your skin’s natural defenses, eliminates fatigue, and provides you with the ultimate skin hydration.

for skin that is: dehydrated, stressed, and fatigued
benefits: leaves skin refreshed, replenished, and moisturize
results: hydrated, brighter skin

Carita Lift and Firming Facial

Combatting the effects of time, this treatment restores your skin’s tone and provides it with a well-rested healthy glow. Using a blend of sunflower, clove, thyme, and lemon to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment redefines the contours of your face and leaves your skin looking younger and brighter than before.

for skin that is: showing the signs of aging
benefits: lifts and tightens skin
results: firm, revitalized, toned skin

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