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Alpine Arnica Bath & Body Oil

$ 37.00


This warm oil blends Arnica, traditionally used by herbalists to support muscle function, with camphorous Rosemary, Basil and Bay Laurel for deep relaxation and relief. 

Wild-crafted from Alpine meadows, Arnica has been used since the 16th century to soothe muscle pain and bruising.



Arnica Flower Extract

  • Native to Europe, this extract contains Helenalin, the most active sesquiterpene lactone (chemical compound), which helps account for its ability to counteract inflammation.
  • Studies show reduction in pain and stiffness in subjects with moderate osteoarthritis.1
  • Germany's Commission E, the primary regulatory body for herbal medicine approves Arnica properties for topical use in cases of injury, hemotoma or edema due to fracture.

Bay Laurel Leaf Oil

  • This essential oil is steam distilled from Bay Laurel Leaves and has a sweet, fresh and spicy aroma.
  • It is known for its antiseptic, astringent, and toning properties.
  • Used to help stimulate circulation and relieve aches and pains.

Rosemary Leaf Oil

  • Rich in camphor, Rosemary stimulates blood flow to warm muscle tissue.
  • Has antioxidant, astringent and stimulating properties.
  • Studies have shown its ability to increase alertness and promote relaxation by lowering anxiety.2


Add to still bath water or massage into affected areas.

125 ML