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The Perfect V

VV Cream

$ 47.00


VV Cream™ - Very V

Beauty Cream For The V

Keeps A Perfect V™ Beautiful

Hydrate. Smooth. Perfect.

  1. Enhances, Renews and Improves the beauty of the V
  2. Luxurious hydrating cream delivers radiance to the skin
  3. Helps to prevent in-grown hairs and red bumps
  4. Quick dry down, melts into skin, soft after touch
  5. Perfection between waxing, laser or shaving - the must have item for your VANICURE™ regimen
  6. Salicylic Acid helps alleviate red bumps
  7. Sea Buckthorn soothes the delicate skin
  8. Lingonberry & Bilberry Fruit Extracts are anti-inflammatory and reduce redness
  9. The ultimate pampering cream for the Perfect V
  10. VV Cream Very V - 50 ml


For best results, lightly towel dry the V area (the bikini line and visible delicate skin of the triangle area) and apply a small pearl of cream. Use daily as part of your beauty VANICURE™ regimen.